Perspective drawing books short on words and heavy on drawings?
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Help a self-taught drawing wizard figure out perspective without being able to read very well.

I have a six-year-old friend who's unusually good at drawing and spatial tasks. She's twice given me good turn-by-turn driving directions to places I've never been (complete with lane changes and parking advice!), she's having a go at learning to solve rubix cubes, and she's also starting to try drawing things in perspective. She seems very interested in structure and form, and will draw cubes and clocks and spaceships.

However, her reading is still at six-year-old level, because she is six.

I'd like to get her a book that she'll enjoy using as a reference for perspective drawing - but it really needs to be mainly drawings and not a bunch of technical explanations. She'll understand it fine from drawings so long as there are plenty of them and they're interesting, real-world and fun to look at. I'm sure she can just ignore some level of dense wordery but not if it's intrinsic to understanding the book. She did NOT get on with the kiddie cartoon animal drawing book I got her, I think it was far too basic! I don't think she necessarily needs a kid book.

Does anyone own this book or can recommend such a thing?
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Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
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I wonder if How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way by Stan Lee might be a good fit? It has really clear diagrams of perspective and most of the text is like, Spider-man telling you about vanishing points. It’s a bit dated, and of course it assumed you want to draw superhero comics, but I did learn a lot from reading it.
A non book possibility is getting a subscription to skillshare: I’ve been watching drawing classes on it for a few days (you can get a month or two for free) and I’ve been happy with the quality so far.
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Best answer: Perspective Drawing by Ernest Norling is just what you're looking for!
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How to Draw by Thomas Bertling
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Response by poster: I ordered the Ernest Norling book, it just arrived. She says she is NOT BOTHERED about this book, while perusing it at length and sketching views of tiled floors from various angles on the back of the envelope it came in.
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