Italian lost and found - how to return item from Florence to Rome?
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I was in Florence this week and my bag was stolen - it only contained a sketchbook and something with my school program name. Someone messaged the school saying they found it and wanted to know if the group was still in Florence so it could be returned or picked up at a specific police station. I am in Rome now.

The person who found it didn't seem receptive to mailing it to Rome (understandable) - is there any way to coordinate its return? Somewhere it could be dropped off in Florence to be picked up later? A prepaid mailing system? If it was in the US, I would send them a prepaid FedEx account and they would just drop it off at any location and it would magically return to me. Is there anything like that in Italy?

Possible my only option is going back to Florence, but then where do I pick it up?
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Why can’t you have them FedEx it to you in Rome? There’s FedEx in Italy
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How's your Italian? I was going to suggest the Poste 's Delivery Web service, because it would have let this person drop it off in any Poste Office, but their e-shop site is currently totally borked for both registered and unregistered users. If your Italian is good, you might try going to a Poste office and asking them for a non online version.

Mailboxes Etc has a similar service, but you'd need to ask this person which location they wanted to drop it off at before you purchased online - they can't just drop it off at any location.

You can ask them if they would be amenable to a pick-up, but from experience one can be waiting around all day for the pick up.

If you end up going to Florence to pick it up, the specific police station they are offering to leave it at would seem like the obvious choice - is there a reason that wouldn't work for you?
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