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The office recently acquired a Keurig . Ok, Karen bought in an old one after our department was far from the break/coffee pot aka a flight of stars. But whatever, we've been taking turns bringing in different flavors of coffee and tea and now it's my turn. I want to impress. What coffee and/or tea pods do you suggest that will wow my co-workers? Previously we've enjoyed medium/french roast, Cafe Bustelo, Dunkin' Donuts brand and similar.
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Does your office like flavored coffees? There are a lot of good variety pod packs out there. We've had Brooklyn Beans flavored set as well as this sample pack from Green Mountain Coffee (half flavored, half not). Sometimes there are sales on Amazon and you can get the second pack for only $10.
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If you want to impress, here are some possible upgrades for your Keurig setup: dedicated K-cup storage and one of those doohickeys (with gold-plated mesh, even) that let you use it with regular ground coffee.
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Bed Bath and Beyond has big boxes of Seasonal Flavor Mixes, and they've already got the winter one on the floor. I've only had the sugar cookie and peppermint bark so far, but they were good. They had some really interesting stuff, including Community Coffee, my bag coffee of choice.

If you have access to Aldi, they have really good coffee pods, including some Fair Trade and/or Organic, and right now have a bigger box of I think four single-origin coffees, like Guatamalan, Bolivian, something, something (it's not always stocked in the usual coffee section, one of my Aldis has a bigger Aldi Finds area and the special edition coffees are generally there). My husband likes his coffee pretty much blackened, and their darkest roasts have all been very satisfactory to him. I am mostly a light roast drinker and really like their Breakfast Blend and Donut Shop options.
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I like Peets and Newman"s Own. I generally prefer a darker, stronger coffee and a lot of K cups seem very weak to me.
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If you can find Tanzanian Peaberry, snap it up for your office. You can find it on the internet; less frequently in local shops (depending on your city, of course.) Big WOW factor.
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You can order Tim Hortons pods for a taste of Canada
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The K-cup flavor that continues to blow my mind TO THIS DAY with how unexpectedly tasty it is is the Green Mountain Coffee Wild Mountain Blueberry flavor. You might think, "Really? BLUEBERRY coffee? Sounds kinda gnarly." I assure you, not only is it NOT gnarly, it is an unparalleled delight, assuming that flavored coffee is your thing.
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The office is really digging the Green Mountain Coffee brand, and yes, the Wild Mountain Blueberry flavor is killing it!

I've been elevated to the status of a minor duke in the office, so thanks!
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