Last Name of Illegitimate Child in the Southern US?
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Under what circumstances, if any, would an illegitimate child in the Southern US (e.g. Mississippi) have her father's last name instead of her mother's? (This answer has become much difficult to find since Jon Snow.)
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I know in Texas there was a theory (I do not know if it has any basis in law) that if you gave your kid the father's last name, that made him liable for child support.
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Best answer: According to this Mississippi Handbook for reporting vital events, if the father is known/acknowledged, the father’s name is presumed unless both parents agree on something else; if the father is not known/acknowledged the mother’s name is presumed unless she chooses something else. As long as the acknowledged parents agree, the child can have any last name.

Varies somewhat state to state, but since you asked about Mississippi. Search terms: unmarried birth certificate surname Mississippi - try other state names if you want more data.
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