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How much can I negotiate a salary for a software engineer job at a large public project in Sweden?

I have just been offered a job as a software engineer at what is pretty close to a dream institution in Sweden. It is a large publicly funded EU project. Currently, I work as a software developer in Copenhagen. The job comes with a somewhat substantial pay cut, but it is allowing me to move from an industry I don't love (which treats me well) to one which I am much more excited about. So I expect that I will take the job.

So how I do I negotiate my salary? How much can I push it upwards? Would it make sense to negotiate other things like more vacation? What are some other suggestions that you have for how I can approach this?
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Doing your research always helps to know what the industry norms are. Here are a couple of my favorite sources:

Otherwise, ask for benefits (which it sounds like you are already doing). Things like education funding, professional licenses, extra vacation, sabbaticals. Sometimes even non-monetary benefits like working from home are useful.

Good luck!
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I made 50k kr/mo before taxes as a Software Engineer at a private company in Malmo ~4 years ago. Glassdoor suggests 40k kr/mo is more average, but you should definitely fight for what you think your market value is.
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