Weird Pricing on older iPhones
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Can anyone explain why an Apple-refurbished iPhone X costs about the same as a new iPhone 11? I know why I’d pay up for the X (Qualcomm modem), but that can’t be Apple’s reasoning, can it?
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Could it be a thing where the 11 isn't officially available until the 20th and once it's actually straight up buyable (instead of preorder), then the refurbs will see a price drop?
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Given the form factor and feature set of the iPhone 11 it looks more like the successor to the XR (599 new, according to my region settings) than the X/XS - Apple's marketing people have just decided to confuse everyone by ditching the "regular iPhone/budget iPhone" (XS/XR) paradigm in favour of "premium iPhone/regular iPhone" (11 Pro/11).
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During the announcement one of the current models (XR I think?) showed a lower price that isn’t showing on Apple’s website yet. Agreed to wait until the 20th to see if prices change.
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The iPhone X has an OLED display and the iPhone 11 has an IPS display. The OLED display has richer colors, darker blacks. I believe it's more energy efficient, but I don't know if that would make as big a difference in a phone display as it does in OLED televisions.

I find the refurb store often has prices that seem out of whack with new products - I think the algorithm might just take a percentage off the original retail price rather than dialing in on newer chipsets, cameras, etc.
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Response by poster: In case anyone's interested, not all models of iPhone X and iPhone 8 have Qualcomm modems. I learned here that "All iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus devices using the Qualcomm modem have a model number of A1865, while the Intel counterparts have a model number of A1901."
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The original MSRP for the iPhone X was $999 (I think it dropped to $899 last year which is why the site says that's the original price). This probably explains some of the discrepancy too.
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As has been mentioned, the iPhone X is the older model equivalent of the new iPhone 11 Pro. It was originally priced at $1,000. The new iPhone 11 is equivalent to last year's iPhone Xr, which was a lower priced variant of the iPhone Xs.

That's all a bit confusing, the model changes go like:
iPhone X -> iPhone Xs -> iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone 8 (sort of) -> iPhone Xr -> iPhone 11

If you're shopping right now, I'd go with the iPhone 11 over the iPhone X. It's got a faster CPU and will have much better battery life. The camera is also greatly improved over what was available on the iPhoneX.
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