Best Bag Vacuum for cats
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I'm looking for a new upright bag vacuum, around $250 or so. We have an older Panasonic upright bagless vac I have huge problems emptying (dust goes everywhere, including my face) and realized that a bag vacuum might be my solution. I'm quite short and would like something that's easy to use for shorter people. If anyone has any personal recommendations for short type vacuums, please post them.

I found this $300 Kenmore, which is a lot like our current Panasonic except I don't know if it's good for short types. The man in the demo video on does not inspire confidence.

The Panasonic we have has a telescoping handle so it's adjustable for user height (which also allows you to vacuum the ceiling). It's great at picking up fir needles and cat litter and if it wasn't for the bag thing I wouldn't be looking for a replacement.

We have a commercial Simplicity at our business and I find the handle is really too long for me to use comfortably. The top rated Oreck commercial model on Amazon has no tools, which is a deal breaker also. I hate Dyson vacuums with the force of a 1000 suns, so even if they made a bag vac I would not want one. Noise doesn't bother me, I'm a child of the 70s when every vacuum sounded like it was a jet engine waiting to lift off.

Features I would like:
Good for short people
Bags don't cost $5 a piece
Has tools
Sucks up cat litter w/o complaint - we use the fluffy paper litter, so it's more like bits of lint than tiny rocks.
Corded rather than cordless (do they even make a bag vac w/o a cord?)
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Does it have to be an upright? I have this one (a canister vacuum) and am very happy with its capabilities. We have three cats, four litter boxes, and a pretty clean house. The bags are easy to install and remove, and have have a little tab to peel and stick over the hole when you dispose it. I buy these bags and they cost about 60 cents each. The wand is adjustable, it has tools, and a motorized head attachment that's great for furniture or carpeted stairs. might be worth a look.
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Cat owners here. We went with a Miele canister vac a few years back. I like it a lot. Bags are around $5 but we only have to change them 1-2x a year. The handle gets both very short and very tall, probably more adjustable than an upright. The head brushes aren't powered by a belt but by suction through a turbine. I find it to be completely sufficient for our level of cat hair and sandy litter.
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I needed a new vacuum last year for picking up stray litter and dog/cat hair on wood floors since the plastic on my Kenmore canister vac (around 20 years old) cracked. Kenmore used to be made by Panasonic but since 2016 Cleva is making them using Panasonic designs.

I ended up going to a local vacuum store and the salesman showed me a few different types of vacuums and was honest on what each was best for. I purchased a $300 Miele C1 Pure Suction canister vac and I'm happy with it. It works well on wood floors and thin carpets only, great for cat litter and pet hair. Bags are in the $5 range.
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I also have a Miele canister vacuum, I'm just 5' 2" and have pets and I love it more than any other appliance I have in my house. Possibly even more than the pets. HEPA filter, sturdy bags, self-retracting cord, carpet rollers, radiator attachment (!), the list goes on and on. Also parts available for repair forever. If you're willing to consider a canister vacuum I highly recommend it.
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Speaking as a short person with a cat, Miele canister vacs are top notch. The bags are more expensive but they also last for longer than any other vacuum bags I've used.

I'm sorry I don't have any suggestions for uprights.
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