Visual hairstyle glossary?
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I would like to expand my repertoire of hairstyles. Snowflakes below.

I'm interested both in being able to describe more hairstyles (as a writer) and depict them (as an artist). I have the universe's most boring hairstyle and don't care about styling my hair.

My vocabulary for hairstyles is very poor due to childhood apathy about fashion, which I'd like to work on. Are there specific hairstyle magazines folks would recommend, or some kind of book with pictures/photographs of different hairstyles, both historical and modern? Especially including non-Western hairstyles, and styles for all genders? I'm hoping for something like Fashionpedia, but for hair, and I can't seem to hit on the right search terms for such an object.

I'd prefer a book or magazine(s), rather than a website, so I can take this with me places where I won't necessarily have internet.

I'm in the USA, if it matters, but not averse to ordering good books from overseas if I have to. Thank you!
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For your art, you might be interested in @Iron_Spike's "Black Hair for Non-Black Artists: a Cheat Sheet Thread."
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Have you looked on Ebay? You can find a bunch of hairstyle magazines from vintage to modern.
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This isn’t very complete, but is it the sort of thing you are looking fo?
Oh, sorry, I missed the part about a book.
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I was surprised this question didn't turn up more info, but I was curious about it and poked around to find Fashions in Hair: The First Five Thousand Years (Amazon link), which looks like a nice visual reference especially for art. I know you'd prefer a book, but I think for contemporary styles maybe Pinterest would be a good alternative--an effectively infinite supply of rotating suggestions.
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