KitchenAid oven hum?
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A few online reviews say the KitchenAid range (dual-fuel double oven) I want to buy makes a humming noise at all times. Is this for real, or did a few people get lemons?

I'm trying to figure out if the range I want to buy is especially noisy, or if a few people got malfunctioning units. The store I want to buy from doesn't have a 240v outlet they can plug it into so I could hear it in operation.

Like most things, the majority of online reviews are positive, but I've seen a couple talking about loud humming when it's not in operation. That would be very uncool.

Example quote: I want to love it. But I just can't get past the loud humming that this range makes 24 hours a day. Even while cold and just sitting there, the range hums about as loud as my refrigerator. [source]

I'd love to hear from people who recently bought either this oven or other KitchenAid ovens and can clue me in.
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Argh of course I didn't check that second link. [real source]
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KitchenAid themselves have a support article on this issue. From additional reading, it sounds like when the oven is at idle, there is an electric relay holding open the gas valve and that's what creates the hum; engaging the Cooktop Lock per the article turns the oven fully off and silent.

So, it's real, but it can be addressed. If you don't mind holding down the Cooktop Lock to turn the cooktop on or off, it doesn't sound like this will be a problem. But I don't know, I agree with the Home Depot poster that it sounds like a bit of a hassle.
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