like the acapella app, but on Windoze....
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How can I make multitrack synced video collages (like the acapella app) on my windows computer?

Hi there,

I'd like to be able to make synced multitrack video collages like I can with the Acapella app on IOS but using my windows computer.

If you're not familiar with the app, you can record a video of yourself and then record multiple videos that are synced with the initial one and the app will make a split screen version for you.

Here's an example:

I switched to Android and additionally I'd like to be able to use my computer to record with better quality. Currently I'm using a focusrite scarlett, and mostly use Reaper to record.

If it were possible, I'd love to be able to tether a camera (either a phone or an actual camera) to the computer and get the video and the audio synced directly.

The nice thing about the app is that it all is quite easy to use and doesn't demand a lot of setup and I haven't figured out a way to do it on the computer that wouldn't be quite complicated. If it would take tons of editing time I probably wouldn't end up doing it very often.

I'm open to paying a bit for software, free would be best of course.

Any ideas? Thanks
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Not a direct answer to your question, but you can plug your Scarlett audio interface right into your iOS device by using a USB-A adapter (apple calls it a Camera Adapter). I've done this to attach nice microphones to my ipad and it works great.
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