Can I make ponzu with hondashi?
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It seems like a no brainer but the internet doesn’t have much. Has anyone done this? Thanks in advance for any tips!
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Because ponzu is soy sauce with citrus essence and Hondashi is a bonito fish base for things like miso soup, broth, etc, I'd think not. They are two different things. Could you elaborate on how you'd like to use the ponzu?
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jj’s.mama, ponzu sauce is often/usually is made with bonito and kombu, so it seems reasonable to sub hondashi for those, though I haven’t made ponzu myself so couldn’t say for sure.
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If you’re talking about something like this, it does contain salt and sugar in addition to bonito, so that could potentially affect your flavor. I’m guessing you wouldn’t want to use more than a teaspoon or so, but it seems reasonable to try.
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Yeah, you could use it instead of making dashi from scratch, I suppose. I misinterpreted the question. To my mind it sounded like OP wanted to use hondashi as the base and not just added to soysauce.
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I have had decent success making ponzu with a combination of soy sauce, vinegar and lemon juice. It isn't quite the same but is pretty close. I could see adding some hondashi working.
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