save iPhone videos directly to cloud, not phone
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I want to take a videos on my iPhone and not have it take up space on phone. Is there a way to save videos directly to a cloud rather than my phone. It is for an oral history project where I am doing interviews which I plan to edit somehow and then put on YouTube. Thanks!
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I realize this is not a direct answer, but Google Photos saves my stuff to the cloud, then periodically asks if I want to delete the local copies to save space. This may be a function of Android, however.
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You are aware you need it on your phone for a long as the upload takes? This is probably doable by making your videos folder a dropsync/drivesync folder then using ifttt or a script to move the videos to another folder in the cloud drive once it sees they have been uploaded.

Manual might be easier though. Is there a reason you're not using a large sd card/cards or a better camera if it must be video and not just audio?
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settings > photos > optimize iphone storage does this for photos and videos.
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Settings > Photos > iCloud Photos ?

Reads “Automatically upload and safely store all of your photos and videos in iCloud so you can browse, search, and share from any of your devices”
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I think iCloud makes you keep stuff on your phone too. I know. I don't understand it either. DropBox and the like should be able to do it though. Maybe Google Photos? I have my iPhone set to sync with Google Photos and I'm pretty sure videos sync too.
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