FM + Bluetooth kitchen radio
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I'm looking for a kitchen radio that has both FM radio and bluetooth functionality. Ideally I'd get one of those cool bluetooth speakers but they don't seem to come with radio. Any recommendations?
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Our Bose can stream FM radio. It's most often on a FM station.
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Tivoli has models of their am/fm radio with bluetooth functionality
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Our kitchen radio/Bluetooth/CD player is this LG mini shelf system. Might be bigger than what you're looking for, but we like it.
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It's expensive, but the Wirecutter recommends the Sangean WR-50P.
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If you want to blow the bank on the cutest speaker/radio ever, check out the Muzen.
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Seconding CalGirl. I have three of these little Tivoli PALs and I love them.
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If you get a normal radio that has an aux jack, you can get one of these and connect it with a 3.5 mm cord. Whenever you want to stream something via Bluetooth, just select "aux" and turn the gadget on.
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<,The Soundrise radio [] is more a bedside radio/alarm clock but it has all the features you request.
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I can't recommend any particular model - my kitchen radio is a DAB/FM/Bluetooth radio but it came from Aldi and you probably can't get it there (not least because DAB isn't a thing in the US).

But be careful of any cheaper models where the FM radio is an afterthought, because while they might be able to receive FM radio stations on a basic level, you'll struggle to pick up anything but the very strongest signals. If your favourite station is more than a few miles away, you'll be straining to hear it through the hiss. That's my complaint about mine - the DAB and Bluetooth work fine, but FM is mediocre at best. You can't really go wrong with either Sangean or Tivoli.
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I have a Hometime Bluetooth Radio Speaker. I haven't used the Bluetooth, but it's a good radio, has USB ports to charge my phone, audio port so I can easily use it as a speaker. The controls are non-standard, but it's really just what I wanted.
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Ditto Leontine. Another approach is if you have wifi in your home or unlimited data, just get a Bluetooth speaker and stream your stations from your phone.

Otherwise, I went down this path trying to find a good bluetooth radio combo last year and gave up. At the low end, they tended to be noisy and have hard to use controls. The Tivoli or Bose may work for you. My Tivolis have always been difficult radios--they are very sensitive and in several places I've lived it's been hard to tune in any but the most powerful local stations.
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