Where in Pittsburgh do college students hang out?
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I'm taking the 18-year-old to Pittsburgh for a college open house this Sunday. We're arriving around lunchtime Saturday and staying in the South Side. I'm looking for recommendations on places to check out in the city where college students typically hang out and do fun stuff. Thanks in advance.
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Not really an answer, but with all the schools in Pittsburgh, I suspect every school has it's own hang outs.
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My knowledge is a solid decade out of date, but I'm fairly confident the answer hasn't changed too much: On Campus. For Pitt, that means "All over Oakland," in the case of CMU, it's a much more self-contained campus so just... go there. (I never went near Duquesne so not sure about it.)
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Not really an answer, but with all the schools in Pittsburgh, I suspect every school has it's own hang outs.

True - but definitely check out the new Millie's on Pitt's campus.
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Also very out of date: O fries at the wall.
I recall lots of later night half-off food specials in Oakland. Grassy hangs outside of the main library (Schenley plaza?)

Probably depends on what kiddo is into... Slack line, puppeteering, art, music, videogames, Magic, etc... Probably info on posters around various campus places.

I liked visiting the cathedral of learning. Lots of cool rooms at the base that are OLD.

Many bars in South side (I avoided/a bit alcohol based for 18 yr old)

Edited to add I really liked the Carnegie library/Museum of Art/Natural History museum that are basically on one huge block/close together
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Okay - Rita's is a must. I think Jay's bookstall may be gone.. but worth looking into. Both Oakland...
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The stretch of N. Craig Street between Fifth and Forbes is probably a good general area to check out. Phantom of the Attic Games, Phantom of the Attic Comics (two separate stores--they're across the street from each other), Calaban Bookstore, Razzy Fresh frozen yogurt, the Bagel Factory, Crepes Parisienne, K-Box Karaoke, and Little Asia (and many more!) are all on that stretch of road and it's pretty centrally located between CMU and Pitt.

If you're touring CMU in particular, I think the main drag of Squirrel Hill on Forbes between Shady and Murray (and also Murray Avenue from Forbes down to the freeway on-ramp) might also be worth investigating. Commonwealth Coffee Co., Avalon Exchange, the Squirrel Hill Cafe (smoky bar, but GREAT food and super popular with students), Games Unlimited, Waffleonia, and a bunch of other stuff is all in that area.

Re: PistachioRoux, I could be wrong about this, but I do think that The O for fries is still a pretty popular outing, but more during the late night study snack hours.
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