I am looking for a particular type of pottery travel mug.
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I am looking for a particular type of ceramic travel mug. This mug should be: 1) made by a person with a pottery wheel, not made in a factory 2) have a ceramic lid, not a rubber or plastic lid. 3) otherwise resemble an industrially produced travel mug as much as possible, in shape and dimensions. 4)Hold at least 12 oz. of liquid, although this is the most flexible of the criteria. I am flexible on price and I anticipate that I will purchase this mug online.

I initially saw this type of mug initially from https://pitonpottery.ca/collections/travel-mugs , but she is always sold out. I am seeking something conceptually similar to this mug. Visually it could be totally different, I'm not particular about colours, etc.

I have found many pottery mugs with rubber or plastic lids, and although some of them are beautiful, that is not what I am looking for.
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Have you asked the potter to make a batch and reserve one for you?
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Best answer: Maybe request a commission from someone who does this specific type of work with the ceramic lid. The potter you linked doesn't accept commissions right now per the website, but here are a couple of options.

As someone who's dabbled in the ceramic arts, I'd want to find someone who's already experienced in making a lid that fits the mug well - so check reviews for any notes re spills or other issues. If you don't find someone who makes quite what you're looking for, find someone who at least makes lidded mugs - even jars. Ask if they can make what you want.
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Ask about silicon/rubber gaskets on the inner lid. That makes a huge difference in spillage and as a small removable element that can be washed on the inside and lasts the entire life of the thing, would make it much more usable. I had a ceramic mug with a silicon gasket thing on the lid and it would actually retain heat for hours over just holding the steam in for a bit.
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