Keep a list of links (accessible anywhere) and record date of last visit
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I want to keep a list of links that I (and only I) can access from anywhere. And I want it to record (and ideally, let me sort on) the last day I clicked that link. So basically, bookmarks, and when I click the link, it updates the lastclick field and shows me a table with the bookmark and last-clicked data and let's me sort. I'm thinking maybe google docs? Maybe google docs+IFTTT somehow? How?
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I'd ask Pinboard if there's a way you can use their service to do this. They're pretty responsive to requests.
posted by praemunire at 2:44 PM on September 8, 2019

Pinboard has the History page which records what you've most recently clicked on, but it isn't sortable, and there isn't a way to go from an arbitrary URL to history info. I'm assuming there's a way to access that info via the API.
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They're pretty responsive to requests.

They is currently in Hong Kong exploring the protests, so support requests may be somewhat delayed.
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