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To send a small video using vimeo, they ask you for your email and password. I don't seem to have a vimeo account anymore, and it's not letting me set one up. (Does it want to sync with my gmail password? I don't want to do that.) There is no space for "forgot my password" in the Vimeo box. This was going to be the whole question but there now is a snowflake meltdown inside.

I can't seem to send very small videos anymore. I used to send them in a lot of ways easily... ie through Google. Now, when I try to send it through Google, it just does dual authentication then says "You're already signed in," and doesn't let me send anything.
I am feeling totally cut off from my culture with this stuff -- I am an over-educated and successful person in my own life who now is constantly feeling like NOTHING WORKS even when it did a few months ago.
For some reason even sending money on Cash App won't go through when it did last week. The person who worked on my home requesting money refuses to use Venmo. I've used Cash App with him for a long time. Now Cash App recognizes everything, sends the request, almost goes through, but then when it says "are you sure you want to send" and I press "yes," it just... sits there. I've re-downloaded the app 3 times.
Seriously I don't know why but I seem to have no intuitive sense for any digital transaction and ... something in the software keeps changing. ANY advice, from sending the video to the larger picture, is appreciated.
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I can't answer any specifics about vimeo or Cash App as I don't use either one, but have you a) uninstalled the problem apps before re-downloading, and b) tried a different device?
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I don't know what you mean by Vimeo box, but have you tried logging in to Vimeo from your computer not a phone, from not gmail? I would also try accessing Cash App from your computer, not a phone. Sometimes the options are more plentiful.
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Have you by any chance installed a VPN on your phone recently? Some things just will not work at all with a VPN in use. Turning it off for the duration of the transaction might do the trick.

If that's not it, have you fully powered down your phone and then restarted it?
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Use this link to reset your Vimeo password:
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I am an over-educated and successful person in my own life who now is constantly feeling like NOTHING WORKS even when it did a few months ago.

I hear you. I don't know about the education and success part, but I have nevertheless resembled this comment any number of times. Sometimes I find it helps to remind myself of what Marshall Mcluhan said way back when about education being the primary occupation of the 21st Century. There is always something new to learn, or unlearn, then relearn. Sometimes you've just got to concentrate on your breathing.
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Have you tried turning your phone (or computer) off and then on again? Same with the router. I would also clear the temporary Internet files.

With regard to your frustration: You can find solace in the fact that you are certainly not the only one in this position, nor is this a particularly new problem. See this article from 2002:
Comforts of Home Yield to Tyranny Of Digital Gizmos
By Katie Hafner
The New York Times | April 28, 2002

Last Christmas Eve, just as Lynne Bowman was preheating her oven to roast a turkey for 15 guests, her daughter accidentally brushed against one of the new oven's many digital controls.

''We heard this 'beep beep beep,' '' recalled Ms. Bowman, a 56-year-old freelance creative director who lives in Pescadero, Calif., ''and no more oven. After that, we couldn't get it to work.''

Ms. Bowman's husband, an engineer, was unable to fix the problem. Nor were any of the assembled guests, half of whom were also engineers.

Desperate, Ms. Bowman resorted to the small, simple 1970's-vintage Tappan electric oven in the guest house, which worked like a charm.
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