In an Apple Mail search, should I be worried about unrelated results?
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In trying to establish a timeline for an upcoming divorce mediation, I searched my ex-spouse's surname on my iPad and got many additional random hits across a couple of accounts - messages that have nothing to do with her. She's not cc'd or mentioned but is it possible I could be sharing info through some forgotten iCloud functionality?
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This sounds odd. I think we need more information. Are you searching from inside the email app? If not, how are you doing the search? In general, can you provide some more details?
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I've noticed similarly odd results in both Spotlight & (which seems to use Spotlight) for a while now - search terms not finding stuff I know is there, searches returning completely unrelated stuff, etc.

Your question has just prompted me to delete the Spotlight database & re-index. So far it seems to have solved some of the issues - at least some stuff it couldn't find before is now found - but it's still re-indexing. Let's see if it also solves the unrelated results issues too…
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Update: Rebuilding the Spotlight index - as outlined here - seems to have worked for me. Spotlight & searches that were returning no/spurious results now seem to be accurate.

Of course, there's always the possibility that other search terms are now broken or inaccurate, but we'll see how it goes…
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