Google Hangouts (Classic) questions, specifically about the stickers
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Google Hangouts will shutdown in Oct. 2019 ... sort of (Ars Technica). Features will get ported to a new system, and there's one thing I want to know about: the sticker packs (screencap). Who made them, what do they represent, and how can I get an archived copy if they go away, short of screencapping each one?

There are two "reaction speech/ thought bubble" "packs," one animated smiley blob pack, and 15 other character packs, each with a range of emotions/ reactions (imgur gallery sampling I just made). The styles are different, and they don't seem to have a 1:1 correlation between the emotions or reactions for each set. My wife and I send them each other, sometimes because they're cute, sometimes because they're weird and we're not sure what they imply.

So with Google Hangouts (Classic) merging into the new enterprise-focused Hangouts Chat, I'm a bit worried these goofy things will go away (they're not readily apparent in this promo of the new system/ feature). I have had no luck finding out more about them in prior searches. Can anyone point me to information about 1) who made them, 2) what they represent (are the images or characters named?), and/or 3) is there a way to archive a copy, for nostalgia? Thanks!
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And how does any of this relate to Hangouts conferencing, available in Google calendar? Slack was clearly disruptive to the market - I thought Microsoft's Communicator/Lync/Skype/Teams transition was bad. But this is worse.
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Not sure if this still works, but via Reddit, it sounds like you can at least save the individual sticker image files instead of having to make your own screenshots:
Visit Hangouts on the web (

Open stickers as if you were to send one.

Right-click the sticker you wish to save and select "Save image as".

You will get the full 360x360 image. Sending a sticker in chat is not required
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I can indeed save the images that way, and I don't even have to open specifically (also works within Gmail). And as a bonus, I get the original file names, which tells me that the emotional state of the given character! Yay! Bunny Party!

If anyone has an idea of who made these images, that would be (viking) money.
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