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Gay/lesbian theater recommendations?

So I actually went ahead and wrote a musical based on the gay novelty records I linked to a week or so ago.

Now I'm trying to make a list of gay/lesbian theaters or cabarets I might market the script to. Any in your neck of the woods you can recommend?
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Response by poster: If you're curious about the script itself, I posted it for download here.
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I don't know about queer theater companies, but there's Theatre Rhinoceros, a queer theater in San Francisco. It might be a good starting point to look for companies or that kind of thing.
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Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Toronto.
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I loved that link you posted on the blue. Try Plan-B in Salt Lake. They've done some great gay/lesbian themed plays in the past. I recently went to a reading of a play by Carol Lynn Pearson that I believe is scheduled to be produced in November. It's about the aftermath of a gay mormon suicide. I presume your play will be a bit more cheery. Cheers!
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Diversionary Theatre in San Diego.
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The Theater Offensive here in Boston. They're good people (my friend is the Associate Artistic Director).
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Real Art Ways in Hartford is known for that sort of thing...
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Response by poster: I'd mark you all as best, but then I'd get a MeTa callout.

Thanks for your suggestions so far.
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ManBites Dog in Durham, NC is well-known and well-liked.
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Response by poster: Hey! They've already done one of my plays!
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