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Anyone have any recommendations for airport transfers in Istanbul?

Btw, before someone says Uber or Careem, UberXL is discontinued and we need a car for 6 people, AND the mini cabs have a reputation for getting into fights with Uber and Careem drivers. Would rather avoid and pay for someone to stand with a board with my name on it.
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Blacklane, which I was going to recommend, seems to top out at five passengers for their vans. Could you just do...two Blacklanes? (Or perhaps they can do a six-passenger van if you ask?)

TAV, the old-airport operators, still run a transfer service and have six-passenger Mercedes Benz Vitos they offer, and quoted 218 TL for a run from the new airport to Eminonu for random dates I just chose. They have an endorsement at the bottom of their page from TURSAB, the national association of tourist agencies, which gives me confidence that they'd be reliable.

Alternatively, you could use the 18 TL official Havaist bus to Taksim (or wherever you're going, as they have quite a few routes) and then get a cab from wherever you are dropped. I've used BiTaksi for cabs around Istanbul without problems as a tourist, but I'm not sure they do airport arrivals.

Finally, I once visited Turkey and got a pocket wifi thing from Alldaywifi, who, as part of my airport pick-up of the wifi thingy, also offered me a pre-booked private airport transfer into town as part of the deal. They met me at arrivals with the paperwork, I signed it in two seconds, and we were off to the van. They're quoting USD 60 on top of the airport pickup fee for the wifi device.

Could you contact your accommodation (if you're visiting) and ask them what they charge to arrange a transfer? Even small hotels will have a service they use.
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I used Safe Airport Transfer when I went to Istanbul in May. It was easy to book and reasonably priced, and they have vans which will seat six comfortably. Whether said van will fit six people's luggage depends on how much luggage you have. I think they have an option for bigger vans though. They were communicative and reachable on Whatsapp via text, and we had no complaints about the drivers, the vehicles, or the service, though the driver on our trip to the hotel was the opposite of chatty, which wasn't really a problem for me.
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