Chicken stew?
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It's going to be a rainy weekend here and I'm craving a good chicken stew. Can you recommend some recipes?

My only requirement is that there are no tomatoes in it, which give me heartburn. I'm also not in the mood to buy a whole chicken for the recipe, although I know making home made broth is better. So, store bought broth it will be!
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I've been making this and my God is it delicious. I eat mine with some fresh grated Parmesan on top if we have any and then I die and go to heaven.
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Chicken and dumplings! So comforting
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I made a truly wondrous chicken wild rice soup last year withthis recipe

The fresh lemon zest/juice is truly magical!
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Creamy Chicken and biscuits or dumplings:

In a rather large stainless steel pan or medium Dutch oven:

Sautée on medium heat plenty of chopped celery, carrots and onion in generous butter or veggie oil. When they are half way done, add in boneless skinless chicken thighs, stirring and chopping them occasionally with a spatula until almost cooked and chunks are bite sized.

Add salt, black pepper, dried sage and parsley. A bit of paprika and/or turmeric for color, if that sounds good. Whisk a few Tb flour into 1-3 cups whole milk, slowly add it to the mix, stirring constantly.

At that point you can simmer dumplings into it on the stovetop or place drop biscuits or canned biscuits on top and bake in oven as directed, adding a minute or so to cook time. Mix it wetter (add stock) for dumplings and drier for baked biscuit top.

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How about some Avgolemono soup? Thick and creamy enough to be beginning-of-fall comfort food at its finest, but light and fresh enough to be end-of-summer's last hurrah.
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I’ve made this Chipotle Chicken Chowder at least a dozen times, mostly as written but I often leave out the hominy. It calls for one tomato but I’ve left it out and it’s fine without!
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I have a habit of winging it (pun not intended) and I also have an instant pot that speeds matter up somewhat, but I've had success with internet sourced chicken, lentil and bacon stews. They never end up strictly to recipe so I can't offer strict recommendations. Honestly, go find a few recipes because the only real variable in this is the lentils and the water quantity.

The instant pot makes the chicken shreddable with a pair of forks in about 40 minutes, but it's really only speeding up the process; that said I would use thighs, skinned but bone-in or boneless, if you're doing it in an normal pan, and expect a couple of hours of low simmer. Use chicken stock as liquid.

Beyond that you can throw in flavour and body to your heart's content: offhand, I'd add plenty of black pepper, and consider thyme, sage and toasted cumin seeds for flavour in whatever combination you fancy - about a tsp per person - and onion and celery to flavour the stock (fry them and leave them in to dissolve), plus carrots or parsnip if you want to add veg.

Potatoes work instead of lentils (crumbly ones will mostly dissolve and make thick sauce, waxy ones will remain in pieces). Red lentils will disintegrate, green or brown will hold shape. Dried peas will also sub for lentils, you just want a pulse that softens and/or turns to mush.

Pearl barley (roughly a handful per two portions; it will absorb about twice as much water) is also no bad thing for texture, whatever you use.

I like stews to stick to my ribs and adjust water quantities accordingly, or add corn starch to fix things after cooking - mix a tablespoon with about 4x its volume of water and stir it into the hot stew to thicken just before serving.

Lots of hand waving, and I apologise for not giving you a concrete recipe, but it's actually conveniently hard to make a bad stew.
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Chicken pot pie.
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I use homemade bone broth. If you have time, get a rotisserie chicken, pull off all the meat, use the white meat for a nice dinner, chicken salad, etc. Bones and skin go in a big pot of water and are simmered for at least 1-2 hours. 3 - 4 is nicer. You should get 3 - 4 qts of broth. I strain it through the colander, then a strainer. Some people add celery, onion, etc. If you don't have time, Swanson's broth is pretty good. Better Than Bouillon is also quite good. Use a rotisserie check,and make the broth for the net soup.

Chop and saute an onion til soft and translucent. recipes say this takes 5 mins, but it takes 15 - 20 at least. If it gets golden and caramelized, great. If you have celery add that. I used to save vegetable scraps, but I just don't think it's worth the trouble. Does add some flavor.
In the saucepan where you did the onions, brown some sausage, maybe 1/4 to 1/2 lb. Chorizo or other spicy sausage is really good, but whatever you have or like. Chicken Italian sausage is pretty good if you don't eat red meat. Deglaze the pan with broth or a splash of white wine or sherry.
To simmering stock add:
the sausage and onions, as they are done
peeled, sliced carrots
potatoes or rice
optional: Use at least 1 more vegetable
kale (it's actually tasty and nice when fully cooked in broth)
miso adds umami; I use a tablespoon or so
mushrooms, spinach, brocolli, cauliflower, cabbage, squash, parsnips, tomatoes, lima beans, other vegetables you may have to use up.
chopped chicken meat (dark meat works nicely)
Simmer briskly all together for 45 - 60 minutes.
If you want noodles cook them separately and add. They will use up a lot of broth if you cook them in the soup, but the flavor gets lost, so I just cook noodles in water for soups.

Season with salt, and sage, pepper, thyme, poultry seasoning, pepper flakes, whatever you have and like. A tablespoon of vinegar - sherry, cider, whatever - is a nice brightener, though I often forget until the 2nd or 3rd time I have the soup.
One could add lentils or beans.
There's plenty of carb action if you used potato, rice, or noodles, but crusty bread is certainly a pleasant addition.
When I make chicken pot pie, I reduce the broth a bit more, make sure there's plenty of veg., and add a top pie crust (puff pastry is luxurious) and bake.
I can tell it's that time of year; I crave soups and stews.
Soup freezes well, so if you make a giant pot, you can save some for another time.
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African Chicken Peanut stew does call for tomatoes, but they are not required. Put together broth, chicken, sweet potatoes or yams, peanut butter, roasted peanuts, onions, garlic, salt, and pepper.
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Good god I love this white chicken poblano chili so much.
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