Onenote in tablet mode stretches out toolbar buttons. Make it stop?
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I use Onenote to project lectures on a screen. My laptop is a Lenovo X1 Yoga that converts to tablet mode. In regular laptop mode, my custom toolbar is just right, and all the buttons I want fit in one row across the top. When I flip into tablet mode, Onenote automatically stretches out all the buttons, so not as many will display. The rest now require an extra click/touch to access. Do you know a way to make that stop? I want it to stay nice and compact always, but especially when I am in tablet mode.

Here are two screenshots for comparison (just the top left corner, to avoid showing you all my tabs): The top one is regular mode, with way more buttons visible.
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When OneNote detects the computer is in Tablet mode, it switches to "Touch" mode automatically, which increases the space between elements to make them easier to hit with a finger. You should be able to force it back to mouse mode however.

Under the "Customize Quick Access Toolbar" menu, there should be an option for adding a toggle for "Touch/Mouse mode" to the Quick Access toolbar, and you should be able to set it back to Mouse mode from there (and then re-hide the toggle if desired). Here are screenshots of what you should look for:
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Ah, you are a sanity saver! For anyone in a similar boat wanting to avoid a moment of despair on the path to victory, you must change the Onenote toggle back to mouse mode while the computer is working in tablet mode. (I guess it remembers a setting for regular and another for tablet mode.)

Thanks so much! This is definitely in a spot where I must have accidentally clicked it once, because this was a pretty new problem for me.
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