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I need to get a pair of prescription safety glasses ; I had an unsatisfactory experience buying them locally at an optometrist, hoping someone could share their experiences with online purveyors. Price, accuracy, quickness, ease of using website are my main concerns. Thank you!
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I got my glasses at Zenni. I got the cheapest ones and they were certainly cheap - they are really lightweight. But they were also certainly worth what I paid for them and the prescription was filled accurately and I am happy with them - quite a bit happier than the ones I have been getting from a local optician.

You will need to know the distance between your pupils and the size of the frames. With that information it's quite straight forward. If you don't have that information you will have to get it. You can't order glasses on line without it.
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I bought some progressive bifocals at Zenni. They were terrible--their instructions for measuring my interpupillary distance were wrong or I was a dumbbell or both. They remade them (they weren't going to at first but relented--I waited more than thirty days to complain (since my cataract surgery was going on at the time)) and while they're better, they still are bad enough that I don't use them. My glasses from Warby Parker are much better--and cost more than twice as much.
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I think you may benefit from specifying a bit more about what sort of safety glasses you want.

As in are you looking for full side shields, removable side shields, or simply normal shaped glasses with safety approved frames/lenses?

I've had the two latter options and had good luck with both a local optometrist (though not a chain, I dealt with more of a boutique shop/doc and their service was fantastic, I fully believed him when he said he had an architect client that flew across the continent to get his exam/services) and online mail order firms, well at least until my script got more and more intense such that they won't touch me with a 10 foot pole anymore.
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Response by poster: I'm looking for industrial safety glasses with side shields (removable or fixed). Zenni does not carry these. My one local optometrist who carries safety glasses charged over $600 for a pair; they were what they considered low cost. I didn't like them at all; they gave me a headache and managed to pull hair out of my scalp. Maybe that's just how safety glasses are, but I cannot pay that much for the experience! I've seen some that would cost $100-$200, but am trying to find out if anyone has had experience with someone they could recommend.
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I got a pair from a site specializing in prescription safety and sports glasses, but forget the name, wouldn't specifically recommend them but ok I guess, you would probably find them and similar sites by searching. I got ones with side shields. I wish I'd made sure to get the fit right (and if the site has a good return policy that will help). Nothing worse than loose glasses.
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Best answer: Ah just found the receipt, $95 with all the options (ansi rated, impact resistant, anti-scratch, anti-fog, uv, etc.)
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My glasses with removable side shields did not pull hair.
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Best answer: I wear UVEX Genesis prescription safety glasses. The prescription part is just a lense holder that fits inside the the regular safety glass frames. I like these because the wear part is easily replaceable and there are a couple dozen different tints one can switch out in under a minute.

In Canada the glasses part still has to be impact rated and none of the one hour/in house places do that; they have to send out for it.

Total for my plain prescription was about C$280 for the exam and glass lenses, C$75 for the metal insert frame and ~C$15 for the plastic safety glasses and frames depending on what tint you buy. I change the plastic lenses every 4-6 weeks because even with the hard coat they get scratched from cleaning. Lenses are C$5-11 each. I change the frames every six months or so because the rubber nose piece eventually breaks away from the plastic frame (this is mostly mechanically induced from separating the frames for cleaning, the more careful you are not to put pressure on the rubber the longer they'll last).

This Youtube vid shows how everything goes together. The model show is the XC shich stands for extra coverage. Those are too big for me and rub on my cheek bones. The regular Genesis version are cut back at the bottom and fit me much better.

This system provides way better coverage than conventional frames with side shields at the top and sides.
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Best answer: I've bought from SportRX before, which sells several kinds of safety glasses. I got prescription sunglasses from them, which required a call to ask me to change my order since my prescription is incompatible with the glasses I'd originally selected. (Turns out I have to have the prescription insert on most frames with wraparound lenses rather than being able to get them made with my prescription.)

Anyway, satisfied with the product and price. Delivery was a bit slow on mine, and I suspect it was because of a) my prescription and b) that I'd ordered last minute on New Year's Eve to spend expiring FSA funds.
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Another Zenni plug here, I've been getting glasses with them for the past 5-6ish years and couldn't be happier. Never had a bad pair, shipping's always fast, I've only had one breakage ever, and it was of a nose pad. I emailed Zenni and they had new nose pads and a replacement kit at my door for free in under a week.
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Note that Zenni doesn't offer safety glasses.
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