Will it fit?
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So I have a dead 4g iPod with a 60 gig hard drive. I'm thinking about buying a new 30 gig one and upgrading it myself...

I have no problem opening the iPod (at least the two I've tried) without leaving marks. So if a warranty issue comes up, I should be able to switch the drives back and deal with it.

Is the video iPod as easy to open as the previous models?

I don't like the idea of paying $100 extra when I already have a 60 gig drive.

Will it fit? Will it work?

The reason behind all of this: Water damage to my 4g Ipod last weekend. I pulled it all apart, got it all working again, save for the click wheel. While working on that, I somehow managed to get the clickwheel ribbon cable connector removed from the circuit board. Not the cable, the connector. A smurf might be able to solder it back together, but that's about it. So I have a fully functioning iPod with no way to control it.
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No. I don't think so. Maybe.

From Apple's iPod section of their website:
30GB model is 4.1 x 2.4 x 0.43 inches;
60GB model is 4.1 x 2.4 x 0.55 inches

I would guess the hard drive is the only difference inside the box.
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And if it doesn't work, you're out another $300.
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It will not fit. I had a 60gb 4g and now have a video 60gb. They're considerably thinner nowadays (the drive, the battery...).

Why don't you just buy a used 4g online (60gb)?
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Couldn't you just pay Apple to fix the one you have?
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a good rework technician should be able to fix this for you... seriously, i cant believe some of the miracles ours can do.

do you know anyone who works at a company that makes any kind of computer hardware? they should have a rework tech.
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30GB drives are single platter. The current 60GB drives are double platter. There's a diffrence in thickness of several mm. The 4G iPods were quite loose inside and you could squeeze in a double platter by removing one side of the rubber bumper. However, the new 5gs are more like the iRivers inside and very tightly packed. You *might* be able to squeeze a double platter into a 30GB device, but it would require some straining and probably lead to a heat buildup.

You know each generation of these players is basically the same but then a different backplate is attached. So If you get a wider backplate for a 30GB then you are set.
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I would try and get a used broken 4g from ebay. Then you can canibalise it for parts. Im doing this at the moment to fix up an old 3g. I dont expect to spend much....

Plus theres no warranty to worry about.
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how about keeping the 60gb drive and case and just switching the clickwheel and/or the circuitry from the 30gb one?
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