Who are the VLoggers that you love?
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I'm interested in watching some Vloggers on Youtube that are low-fi (don't have a big industry behind them) and have short/snappy videos (5 minutes tops) that cover a given topic. Prefer one-man/woman show, but can be on ANY topic.
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Tom Scott
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I like Bald and Bankrupt but his videos are more like 10 to 20 minutes.
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For STEM topics, the multitude of channels done by Brady Haran of Bradyharan.com.
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Coffee: James Hoffman
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I posted a dump of all the "smart people talk about science and making things" youtubers I follow in response to another recent ask. A lot of them post things that are longer than 5 min, but otherwise meet your requirements. New additions: Cruising the Cut and The Narrowboat Experience, both of which are vlogs about living on canal boats in the UK, from a diversity of perspectives.
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DesignChickee by Olga Gomes. She posts weekly videos on home design and decoration. Most of her videos are around 4 minutes and I find her to be smart, interesting, and to the point. She has just under 20,000 subscribers, which, IMO, is more an indicator that she doesn't have a big production company behind her - and is not at all an indicator of the quality of her videos.
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The Try Channel. A cast in Ireland tries new foods, beverages and occasional other things from around the world!
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If you like horror movies/tv/books, I love Top 5 Scary. I think both the hosts are cute and reasonably amusing and they seem to try to choose different topics. I have fun watching the videos and disagreeing with them.
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Some of my current faves:

Matt Baume
LGBTQ issues in culture. Esp. like his "Culture Cruise" series on the history of queer folk on TV.

Ask a Mortician
Mostly does what it says on the tin. Great introduction to the death positivity movement. Esp. like her "Iconic Corpses" series.

Karolina Zebrowska
Fashion/costume/clothing history. Reviews of costumes in period movies. Vintage hair and makeup tutorials. If you watch nothing else I recommend here, watch her Thug Edwardian Lady.

Viv Hair Therapy
The woman with the bubbliest personality I've ever seen tries other people's tutorials on her own Natural hair. Her cheer is infectious.

The Disney Food Blog
Travel tips, updates, and general stuff about the Disney parks, mostly Walt Disney World. I like it as a way to keep up with what's going on while I can't afford to go.
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I've become a fan of the Lock Picking Lawyer
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Gary Wing's "Fly the Wing" training videos. Five minute videos about how to fly a small airplane.
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