Renting a car seat in Seattle
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Any recommendations?

Daughter and I will be in Seattle this Sat to next Fri (Aug 24-30), from Toronto. She's 7, so would likely need a high back car seat, something like this.

I have a friend who lives in West Seattle who may be able to pick it up, rather than having it delivered to the airport (which is also an option). The car seat would be for his car, a Subaru.

Any recommendations for where to rent a car seat that are close to West Seattle, or just in general? I would make the car seat reservation online.
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Graco makes a high-back booster that sells new on Amazon for about $35. I have one and they are trivially easy to install into a Subaru. I know you said "rent" but it's probably easiest to have one delivered to your friend's house, and then have them give it away after you leave Seattle.
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Your child is required to be in a booster seat but not one with a back under WA state law, which is actually some of the most protective in the US. A name-brand backless booster seat is like $25 on Amazon, or a high-back one for more, and I presume would be delivered to your Subaru friend? When you guys are gone, the booster can go to a women's shelter as a very useful donation.

I mention this because renting is not going to be cheaper than either of these options.
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What stowaway said. The couple of times we rented car seats, they were way flimsier than anything I've ever seen in a retail store, so you'll be saving money and likely also getting a better seat.
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Thanks for the answers so far! Totally thought that renting would be cheaper than buying.

And DarlingBri - I lol'd at "Subaru friend." :)
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I'm in West Seattle and have a couple booster seats you could borrow. They are backless, about 5ish years old, and in "used" condition so you might find some goldfish hiding. Message me if interested.
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100% buy ahead of time. It was $25/day to rent several years ago. We always bought one at our destination.
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We took a Bubble Bum inflatable booster seat with us on several trips when our youngest was 7 & 8. It worked fine & was easy to deflate & stick in her backpack while traveling.
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We use a mifold when we travel with our 7 year old. It slips into her backpack. It has been the best investment we've ever made in traveling light. If you have Prime with Amazon, you should be able to get it this week before you leave.
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