Hemline reassignment surgery
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I'm looking for a trans or trans-friendly tailor in Boston for dress shirt alterations. Queer Exchange has, sadly, led me to dead ends, and I'm not comfortable taking this to a cis rando whose comfort with trans genders and bodies hasn't been tested. (A known trans-friendly cis person is fine.) Who do you recommend, or where else should I look for recommendations?
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I live in the Boston area and would be glad to ask my network through Facebook on your behalf. Send me a MeMail, maybe?
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I would love to hear the answer to this as well!
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Not a personal recommendation, but tailor Sam Calow seems to be looking to serve exactly this need (plus he'll teach you to do alterations yourself too!)
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I reached out to my contacts and was given the name of a trans-friendly cis ally who doesn't have a tailoring storefront but who is a costume designer and seamstress willing to do custom alterations. However, I don't have particularly robust contact information: here is her LinkedIn and here is her Twitter. Best of luck!
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I got a recommendation elsewhere for Tazzy Cole.
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I ended up going to Tazzy Cole and had a great experience. Tazzy, who uses first name rather than pronouns, did a great job altering shirts for me, and also put some time into teaching me how to find shirts that would fit without alteration (or with only minimal and cheap alteration). A+++ super recommend.
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