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I'm looking for a new keyboard. My current one is wireless, and I am tired of buying batteries. I have a lengthy feature list, inside.

I currently own a Gyration Wireless RF keyboard, and it eats batteries. Sometimes, it doesn't work due to interference. I want a new keyboard, wired, and my prime candidate is the Logitech G15

Things I like about the G15:
- A wire
- Tiltable
- Multimedia Keys, especially volume spinner
- Illuminated Keys
- USB Hub

Things that are nice, but not absolutely necessary:
- The LCD
- The programmable keys
- Cable routing channels

Things I simply detest:
- The size: 21.5 inches across. My brother has one, and it doesn't fit onto the keyboard tray or desk at his dorm, and that's not cool.

So, MeFites, do you know of a keyboard that has as many features from list A as possible, without horrendous size problems? I really want to buy the G15, but I keep thinking about how it will hang over the side of my desk and I won't have room for my mouse. Does anyone know of anything better?

Oh, and I'd feel kind of silly paying more than $80 for a keyboard, but I'd consider it.
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Saitek Gamers Keyboard was the closest I could find.
$60 bucks, but lacks some of the features.
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Hope this isn’t too much of a derailment but are you sure your current keyboard is working correctly? I’ve had a few models in my time and have never had one run out of battery before at least six-months of fairly heavy usage.
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Slight derail: The first thing I did when I bought a wireless keyboard/mouse was to buy rechargable batteries. They're way cheaper and less hassle in the long run.
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You could always buy a volume spinner and then have a much bigger pool of keyboards to choose from and a glowing chunk of machined aluminum to drool over on your desk.
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Sort of on topic: can anyone recommend a good wireless keyboard for the Mac? I was kind of surprised to find out the Logitech (my preferred brand) doesn't list thei popular MX5000 and MX3100 wireless keyboard/mouse combos as being Mac compatible, and have no drivers available online.

In fact, none of their wireless keyboards (except one they have expressly designed for the Mac) feature Mac compatibility?

Assuming they will not in fact work on a Mac, what else would you recommend besides Apple's too-svelte keyboard and Microsoft's clunky monstrosity?
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Response by poster: sophist: I saw that, but I read a review that the lights don't shine through the keys, so it sucks. In any case, it is the most god-awful ugly keyboard I have ever seen. I guess I'm one of those people who thinks Macs are pretty.

ed\26h, and bluebeetle: It was good at first, and then took a nose dive. I do use recharchable batteries, but I only have one set, and they are expensive. Plus, I want a new keyboard, don't spoil the fun.

Mendel: Thanks for reminding me, I was thinking about getting one of those, but I'm not sure I want to yet. On my list, multimedia keys are a must, a spinner is not. Sorry if I confused anyone.

robbie01: Get your own thread. :)

Thanks, guys! I'm interested in whatever else you can find!
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