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Just looking for some recommendations for a podcast aggregator for my iPhone 6s. Must give access to a range of podcasts including ABC radio national, not download episodes automatically but allow me to choose which ones to download, allow me to choose whether I listen to the playlist in order of oldest first or newest first, be free or cheap to download.
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Another Overcast recommendation. Castro was also very good when I tried it, but Overcast held it off down the stretch.
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Yep, Overcast.
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I’m not sure which of these criteria the proprietary Apple Podcast app doesn’t fit, but it’s what I use and I think it can do most of these things. I’m sorry if it winds up not fitting one of them (because I feel bad about giving you a useless rec, in that case).

With the exception of ABC National — the part I’m least sure about — you’ve pretty much described how I use the app. I listen to a lot of history podcasts and often want to start with the earliest episodes, while also listening to the most recent as I catch up.

Overcast is good too but has ads or is $10/yr. I wound up deleting it and going back, but it could still be the better choice for you.
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nthing Overcast. I’ve got a bunch of RN podcasts downloading. Just remember, Conversations will probably ruin productivity.
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Same as verbminx, I use the Apple app pretty much exactly as you seem to want. A quick look at the iTunes store shows a ton of ABC Radio National podcasts available. You should be good to go with the free app.
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Downcast is great too, if you want something that gives a bit more control than Apple Podcasts and is less costly than Overcast
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Yep^n, Overcast.
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I use Downcast all the time, great app.
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Another +1 for Overcast. Overcast is my most used app by a very very large margin, but I have a podcast problem.
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