Desserts, noodles, spa in Tokyo
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I would love recommendations for any of the following! Desserts, ramen/udon, or spa/massage treatments!

Staying at new otani (food is already amazing) with my husband, who's here on work. I will have the days to myself from today (Monday) through Friday, and would love recs for awesome dessert places (anything from icy confections to cakes), ramen/udon spots, oooh tempura also, oh and sushi!!! As well as an amazing place for a massage/spa. Many, many thanks.
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We loved Ichiran and ate at several different locations in Tokyo, all delicious (it's a chain). We also tried Fuunji, a dipping ramen place. It's very small and you wait in a line right behind the patrons who are eating, so I would recommend to get there right as it opens to try to get seated immediately. Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of a great dessert place we went to, but they specialized in really good matcha desserts. I would generally just advise to eat all the matcha foods you can get your hands on!
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Best answer: Thermae-Yu is an Onsen in the middle of Shinjuku that is spectacular

I also really love the store TokyuHands. It's sort of an everything emporium, there are several around tokyo, each has it's own flavor, and I could have spent so many more hours there than i did.

ooh also the basements of the fancy department stores are often delicious food halls.
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Ramen Alley or Ramen Street under the Tokyo Central Train Station! There you can sample ramen from some of the best shops all over the country. I loved the Edo style ramen I had. As a bonus you can go visit Character Alley and pick up all your Totoro or Kiki's Delivery Service gear at the Studio Ghibli shop!!!!
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I highly recommend the ramen tour (you can find it on TripAdvisor). The guy who runs it is great and the ramen was delicious, great excuse to sample 4 different yummy ramens in an afternoon. I loved the curry ramen.
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Noodles: Ramen Nagi Golden-gai in Shinjuku for niboshi ramen, Mutekiya in Ikebukuro for tonkotsu ramen. Of the two I liked Ramen Nagi the best, the broth is very flavorful while remaining light.
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For tempura, Tensuke in Koenji - the specialty is 'egg tempura' where the egg is cracked directly into the oil and battered, then put on top of rice to accompany the rest of the meal. It's cheap (about 1200-1500 yen) and the master loves to practice English on customers so it's foreigner-friendly. Koenji is a great shopping district that's often overlooked by tourists.

Kaneko Hannosuke in Nihonbashi is another good spot - they only serve one thing and it's delicious. Be prepared to line up for a bit.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! Will have to try others when I return. ug sorry I'm link-stupid but wowenthusiast your 3 suggestions were SPOT ON!
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Response by poster: Thanks all! Will have to try others when I return. ug sorry I'm link-stupid but wowenthusiast your 3 suggestions were SPOT ON!
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