How can an American hire an Australian to scan a short Australian book?
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I want to read an obscure little paperback that is only available in Australia. I'm in the U.S. Shipping the book will cost 55 AUD. Is that enough money to pay for a copy shop in Sydney to receive the book, cut the spine, run the pages through an automatic document feeder, and send me the images? And if so, how would I arrange that job?
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Post on MeFi Jobs for someone to do it? Presumably wouldn't need to be a copy shop, anyone with a scanner would do.
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just making sure you've already checked and
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My googling suggests there are a number of these kinds of services in Australia, but maddeningly none of them seem to have prices on their sites. E.g. Microsystems, DatacomIT, Scan2Archive, Adelaide Scanning. I may have more suggestions if you can link to the book you're after.

(Source: Australian who likes books)
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Better World Books and Amazon are out of stock. AbeBooks is where I found it for 46 USD including shipping.

An Australian tipped me via MeMail: according to the Australian post office website, actual shipping cost to the U.S. is likely to be more like 17 AUD or 12 USD. So I'm going to try contacting some eBay sellers that have this book, and asking them to quote me for shipping to the U.S. Maybe they'll be willing to do it for something closer to cost.
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I have propositioned you by email...
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the library system might be able to help - they have a copy service
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Ask the seller to recalculate the postage, if you haven't already? Australian postage IS expensive, but also I think Abe lets sellers set defaults and they may have it set high if they mostly sell a lot of very heavy books.
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