Please recommend a bankruptcy attorney in Brooklyn/NYC
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I am seriously considering filing for personal bankruptcy. I'm wary of meeting with an attorney and sharing sensitive information based solely on Yelp reviews. If you have a personal recommendation or guide to finding a reputable attorney who can provide a consultation, that would be helpful.

Background: I am a married man, with no shared significant shared assets with my partner. I am swamped in credit card and personal loan debt (largely owing to some bad decisions during an extended period of unemployment) and I am interested in getting out of this situation as quickly as possible as I am unable to meet my financial obligations beyond the bare necessities, if that. I am amenable to credit counseling or some other approach if you have such a suggestion.

I am employed full-time, but my wages are not enough to keep up with my rent, expenses, and debt payments, unfortunately.

I would prefer to not embroil my partner in this proceeding. We have no joint accounts, property, etc.

Thank you in advance.
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Memail me.
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Hi, Anonymous.

I am not a lawyer, but I work for the Oregon State Bar. We have a great lawyer referral service that will refer members of the public to an attorney who specializes in what they need (in this case bankruptcy law). They even get a low-cost consultation to talk to the attorney and figure out what they should do next.

We cannot refer an attorney to you because you aren't in Oregon, but, as luck would have it, the person who used to run our referral service now runs the same service for the New York City Bar and I have full confidence his staff can help you.
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