Controlling an AC using a universal TV remote?
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Every button on my window AC unit is working...except on/off. The AC still powers on via Delay Start. It came with a flimsy (infrared) remote that broke long ago. I've seen universal AC remotes and replacements for my model, and I might go that route eventually. For today, I just want to do some cheap testing. Could an ordinary TV remote work if I programmed it with the correct Frigidaire AC code?
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If you had the actual codes sent from the original remote and could get the TV remote to send them, then it should work. You're just flashing an IR light; the AC unit won't care where the IR light is coming from. Getting IR codes from remotes is not terribly difficult if you're a little handy with an Arduino, but you'd need a working remote to start with.
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There should be an app for that.

Depending on you phone, it might have an IR emitter - there are apps that turn your phone into an universal remote, but I'm not familiar with any particular application.
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My partner has been able to control his (different) window unit AC with his Android phone, as porpoise said. Not sure if iPhones can do the same.
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My experience is that "universal" remotes have a range they can handle and TV ones and A/C ones do not overlap. So, no, you can't.
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Thanks, all!

The Arduino option is neat, and would be doable if I had the parts around. My current phone doesn’t have an IR emitter, but I’ll check my older Android when I get home.
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Does the A/C turn itself on when power is restored after an interruption? If so, get one of these remotes which essentially lets you turn on/off the power connection to the AC using an RF remote.

Furthermore, you can get wifi-using smartplugs which would let you switch them on and off using an app; such apps usually have timer features, i.e. "turn off after 1 hour" or you can set a schedule. If you have any kind of smart-device system (Google Home, Amazon Echo), you can get some compliant smartplugs that can also be commanded by voice or pre-programmed routine (I've got Echo/Alexa; I assume goohome does something similar):
"Alexa, chill out" => A/C plug comes on.
"Alexa, go to hell" => A/C plug turns off, or whatnot.
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A TV remote might work if it's programmable by "watching" the output of another remote; however, this assumes you have a compatible AC remote to begin with, which you say you don't have. Your off-the-shelf universal remote for TVs is extremely unlikely to be able to do this. A more capable universal remote that is programmable via a computer or an app *might* work for this (thinking the Logitech Harmony line of remotes specifically), if they have the codes for the AC unit in their database, but I wouldn't count on it.

You'll probably need to get either the AC-specific universal remote or the replacement remote. I'd recommend this route especially if you don't have the remote that came with it.
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My older Logitech Harmony 670 remote could control a stand fan I had. Didn't even need to train it, it was listed in the very extensive list of devices it would control.
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