Gyms that offer day passes in San Diego
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I'm going to be in San Diego for a week at the end of September. I'd like to keep going to the gym whilst I'm there, but as I'm not staying in a hotel I need options. Help!

My gym routine is my substitute for taking SSRIs, which don't agree with me particularly well (at least not the ones that I've tried so far). As you can understand, being able to keep lifting whilst I'm away is really important to me. If I were in a hotel I'd just use the hotel facilities, however poor, but I'll be staying in a friend's apartment.

I can come up with a decent bodyweight routine, but I'd like the option of using a proper gym if possible. Are there gyms in SD — specifically around La Jolla — that offer day passes for a fee, or is that Not A Thing?
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Best answer: The vast majority of crossfit gyms allow drop-ins and have open gym times when there aren't classes going on. Even if you're not into crossfit, you could just use their weights. People do it at my gym all the time.
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Best answer: I know LA Fitness has a 5-day guest pass. The one in Clairemont (San Diego) isn't great, but should fit your needs.
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Best answer: Have you looked on Google Maps for gyms around where you're staying and called them or checked out their websites? Pretty much all gym chains offer a free trial guest pass, or will allow you to buy either day passes or week passes.
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Best answer: While traveling sometimes I will look for a local YCMA that has a gym, and those that do will usually have a squat rack at least. Day rates are super reasonable, anywhere from $5-10 a day but it depends on location. I noticed in La Jolla there is the Dan McKinney Family YMCA and it looks to have a decent weight room.
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