ISO stockphotos (of places) designed to have people photoshopped in
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It seems like this should be a thing, but I don't really find any. Are their stock photos of places (likely big tourism attractions) that are designed (as in taken from appropriate angles with appropriate gaps) to photoshop in people. Like you if you wanted fake vacation snapshots or wanted your "fashion shoot" to take place in front of the Eiffel tower or whatever. Surely there's a name for such pictures that can be used for finding them?
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I searched vacation photo generator. That was fun. More More.
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The term you are looking for is photographic background plates. Lots of places to buy them. They often comes in sets of, for example, 12 different views of the Eiffel Tower.
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Great... thank you... and where would you buy something like that? Searching stock photo sites for background plates is just getting me pictures of dishes.
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Here's a couple places. No recommendation as I've only ever used background plates I've created myself:

Shutterstock search
123rf Search
Instagram search
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