Which hanging high chair should we get?
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We're in the market for a hanging high chair (the kind that clamps/hooks onto a table). Two options have come out as frontrunners, but one has a 5-point harness and the other has a 3-point harness. Is one significantly better than the other? Snowflakes under the fold.

The two options we're considering are the Ingelsina Fast Table Chair and the Guzzie and Gus Perch. They seem very similar, but we're torn because of the 5-point vs. 3-point issue. While a 5-point harness seems safer, our six month old hates the shoulder straps on the 5-point harness of his stroller and often struggles to wriggle free of them. Our baby is very strong and willful, so we're not sure if it's safer to get a chair with a 5-point harness that he's likely to try to wriggle free from or a chair with a 3-point harness that he may be able to lift himself out of. Is a baby likely to be able to lift himself out of a high chair, and if so, could that be avoided with a 5-point harness?

Of course, we plan on supervising him at all times when he's in the chair, but we'd like peace of mind in case we're not perfect.

We're also open to other hanging high chair options if they come highly recommended. Since we live in a small space, we're looking for the kind of chair that clamps or hooks onto a table, and we'd like the chair to be portable enough to fold into our carry-on luggage. Thanks in advance!
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It sounds like you are planning to use this chair as a permanent high chair? It’s my understanding that having a footrest is really important for sitting posture while eating. I hate not having a place to rest my feet on while eating (whether that’s the floor or a stool bar), and I’m an experienced eater at almost 35. :D Looks like there are ways to modify the chairs you’re looking at, though!

We were previously looking at the Phil & Ted’s lobster chair but looking at it now, it looks harder to at a footrest to!
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chiming in to say we had the Phil and Ted's lobster. it was perfect. I think it was only a 3 point?

do the reviews for the G&G mention if it lasts well? I'm only asking because I bought their foldable stroller wanting to support a Canadian brand and it was a piece of crap. that was about 7 years ago though.
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We used the ingelsina chair with our daughter. She was/is a climber but never got out of the harness if it was fastened properly. We couldn’t use it with our dining table though because the lip wasn’t deep enough, so that’s something to keep in mind.

For my twins I got hiccapop collapsible chairs, they are basically mini camp chairs that fold up into a bag. They strap to a chair or you can feed them on the floor which we do most often these days.
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2 kids with the Ingelsina (5 years total use), and it was a great chair.
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I got the Ingelsina for the reasons you mention and after spending three weeks at my parents house with the ubiquitous Ikea high chair we’ve decided to bite the bullet and get one too. The Ingelsina has been great But oh my god the cleaning. It gets so dirty and it’s impossible to get really clean. It’s cloth and you can wipe it but it’s still cloth. And food gets under the clamps and it’s a pain to unclamp and clean everyday but if you don’t it gets super gross. I know this isn’t answering your question but I thought our experience would be relevant in preparing you on using this chair.
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