Wanted: True Crime Documentaries
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I'm looking for some new true crime documentaries to watch. Any suggestions?

I’ve watched and enjoyed Staircase, The Jinx, OJ:Made in America, and Making A Murderer. I’m not a huge fan of scenes featuring re-enactments, but a little of that is ok.
Please note that I’m not asking for podcasts here—strictly filmed documentaries. Thanks!
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Paradise Lost - and the sequels.

By the same filmmakers: Brother's Keeper!
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The Keepers on Netflix is a powerful watch.
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Capturing the Friedmans is more of a study of a family in crisis than true crime, but if you liked the films you listed you should enjoy it. I think it’s a classic.

There’s Something Wrong with Aunt Diane is available on HBO, totally fascinating, sad and mystifying story.
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“Mommy Dead and Dearest” on HBO, about Gypsy Rose Blanchard and her mother, is very well done, with no re-enactments at all that I can remember. (Sorry, on phone and can’t link.)
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Goodnight, Sugar Babe: The Killing of Vera Jo Reigle, available (in the UK anyway) on Amazon Prime. Heartbreakingly sad.

And, although it's all based around a re-enactment of a crime, I'd thoroughly recommend The Witness, which is about the notorious murder of Kitty Genovese. (I don't like crime shows that are mostly re-enactments, so for me to recommend this, trust me - as a true crime aficionado - that it's very good.)
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The Disappearance of Madeline McCann on Netflix is really good (and extremely sad, like all true crime). I would not have watched it, but I heard it recommended on My Favorite Murder and they were right, it’s quite good.
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Murder on a Sunday Morning is by the same guy who did Staircase.
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Manson slipped through the cracks for me until fairly recently.
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I enjoyed Evil Genius on Netflix.
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Seconding Evil Genius. It's just so.... weird.

I just want to mention that 'The Keepers' which was recommended upthread is good (well, as 'good' as something in that vein can be) but it is a harrowing watch. If you find content that deals with graphic sexual assault etc. difficult, I might suggest avoiding it. Seriously, it's rough.
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There are two documentaries about Aileen Wuornos, 'Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer' and 'Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer'.
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You may find The Blotter useful - it's a site dedicated to true crime reviews, mostly a podcast but there are articles too.
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If you're up for 'white collar' true crime (i.e., not murder), I recommend The Inventor, HBO's documentary on the rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos.
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Abducted in Plain Sight is gripping and just unbelievable - I definitely recommend it.
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Real Detective - there are reenactments but they are good ones
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