How can I best embed a user info page with login in a GoogleSite?
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I'm building a website for work. Users must be able to create an account and update a fairly lengthy set of CV-type academic info on this account (lists of publications, grants won, employment history, etc.). Users should be able to update this info over time, so a single serve Google Form will be insufficient. The tricky bit: it needs to be embedded in a Google Site.

I would have an easier time solving this problem with WordPress as I have previously , but GoogleSites are way more bare bones regarding plug-ins/apps. My job is part of a huge bureaucracy, and wheels elsewhere in the system are turning to use Salesforce to solve this problem. When that solution will come down the pike, if ever, is unclear.

What can be my "temporary" solution that might last a couple of academic years? Build something in a lighter-weight CRM like Zoho and embed it on the google site? Embed a freaking WordPress CMS site tricked out with customized user profile fields?
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