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I have a quick question on how to navigate Netflix on an AppleTV.

I inherited an old AppleTV awhile back. Not sure which gen.
I’m (painfully) navigating Netflix and, when I select a show to check it out, and then decide it’s not anything I want to watch, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get back to the previous menu of shows.

There’s no “back” button either on-screen or on the remote. Clicking “Menu” on the remote takes me all the way back to the main AppleTV screen, and I have to navigate back into Netflix and start over.

What am I missing? Is there a button I’m just not seeing?
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I also experience this. (My ATV is the one before the 4K one.) The Menu button should take you back one, but sometimes backs out of the app altogether. If it happens more than 3 or 4 times I do the off-and-on-again thing. Annoying.
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Are you using the black remote with the trackpad and menu with the white circle and the home/monitor button? If so, if you HOLD menu for too long, it will take you back to the "Home" screen. You have to click it once.

If you click the monitor button to go home, then double click the monitor/home button you can slide through and swipe up to close apps (like on the phone.) Try closing the app.

But my guess is you're holding menu too long, rather than clicking the button once.

Also, personally, I find navigating Netflix on the app atrocious. I add new shows and search on the desktop Netflix website and only use the app for watching or looking at my list.
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Response by poster: Are you using the black remote with the trackpad and menu with the white circle and the home/monitor button?

No. It’s that thin, silver, easily-lost-in-the-sofa-cushions remote.
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I have an AppleTV 2nd or 3rd gen with the metal remote, and pressing the menu button backs me up one level on Netflix or anywhere else. Sometimes the remote acts wonky if the battery is low, you could try a new battery if you don’t mind potentially wasting a couple dollars on this thing.
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If you have the Siri Remote (the black one, not the silver one) you can try resetting it and re-pairing it with the Apple TV. (On preview I see it’s the silver one, leaving this here for posterity)

It’s possible your remote is on the fritz and the Menu button registers too many inputs when you press it, though you would notice this behavior in other apps besides Netflix.

There are two ways to get around a dodgy remote (besides replacing it):

Train your TV remote to control your Apple TV

Download the Remote app from the App Store and use your iPhone to navigate the interface
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Third way, buy some model of Harmony remote, which doesn't require the somewhat elaborate setup process of a more generic universal remote, but rather just adding AppleTV to your devices. Harmony supports AppleTVs.
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As others have said, pressing Menu once, quickly, should back you up one level. It works for me.

But we keep losing that tiny remote, so I paired a spare Bluetooth keyboard with the AppleTV and consider that a far superior way to navigate.
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You can also try the free Apple TV Remote app which will give you the feel of the 4th gen (black) remote. I ass-u-me it works. I use it for my newer Apple TV but haven't tried it with the old (silver remote) version.
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