Starting at Rutgers University in the Fall - need an insider's guide!
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Calling all Rutgers students and alumni! What were your favorite classes, professors, parts of the Rutgers experience?

I will be a Liberal Studies transfer student starting as a junior, and then after graduating, moving into the Rutgers Masters in Social Work.
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You need to clarify which campus - there are several of them. :)
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Dancinglamb - I'm attending Rutgers through their partnership with Brookdale Comm. College in Lincroft, NJ - so all of my classes are either online or centered there. Technically, my major is based in the Camden campus but I won't physically be attending that campus.

I'm definitely interested in any campus (Newark, New Brunswick, Camden) activities that are cool/organizations that are amazing, etc. even though I'm an off-campus Rutgers student.
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Rutgers (New Brunswick campus) has a really excellent philosophy department - one of the best in the world. So if you're interested in that kind of thing, don't miss the opportunity to take a course or two there.

I left Rutgers many years ago now, so it's hard to recommend any specific courses. But ... Steve Stich has been teaching his "Introduction to Philosophy" course at Rutgers for decades, and he's very good at it.
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