Turn a dead iBook into a cool gadget!
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How can I convert a dead iBook into a portable monitor? Any other parts I should salvage?

At work we lost an iBook due to a dead logic board caused by water damage. We got comped by insurance and the boss says I can do what I want with it.

The memory immediately was put into another iBook. I pulled the hard drive and placed it into a USB powered enclosure. I do not know what else to salvage.

What I would like to do is somehow gut the bottom half of the enclosure, yet keep the power supply intact to power the monitor. I would then like some way of installing inputs into it so that I end up with a clamshell portable monitor I could connect to other devices (PC's, MacMini, PS2, etc.).

Is this doable? Any online how-to's for this?

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Response by poster: Oh, I also own my own iBook. Both models are current generation G4's.
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The screens in all laptops generally have specialty, proprietary interfaces. You may be able to find a compatible LCD controller for it but it'd probably be more expensive than just buying a normal monitor.
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More information on the subject.
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This LCD controller is surprisingly affordable. Who knows if it has the right physical interface, but someone on AppleFritter seems to think it'd work.
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It can't be done. Put the carcass on eBay, maybe in bits.

The smarter thing to have done would have been buying a replacement motherboard.
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Sell the Airport card on ebay. They still go for decent prices.
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Er, nevermind. Any G4 ibook's going to have AE so eh.
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My iBook motherboard died 6 months ago. I sold the keyboard, case/trackpad, monitor, hard drive, and optical drive separately on eBay and made about $600 CAD.

That said, the controller zsazsa links looks really cool. I might start a project with one...
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