Where can I find novel/interesting multipurpose furniture pieces?
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I'm looking for interesting examples of multipurpose and/or space saving, freestanding furniture. This recent perfect example inspired this question.

I have a smallish apartment that already has too much stuff in it and I really like the idea of cleverly-designed furniture that serves more than one purpose.

Items that are focused mostly on storage are alright, but I'm generally aware of 'storage ottomans', beds with drawers, that kind of thing. Anything a bit more unusual would be cool, though.

For them to be useful to me, they cannot be built-in or require construction/installation (I rent).

Living room, bedroom, kitchen, are all fair game.
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Best answer: The IKEA NORDERN gateleg table with integrated drawers.
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Best answer: I'm not sure this is exactly what you're looking for, but we use a just-the-right-height coffee table as both a coffee table and a place to eat. It has a nice storage shelf so we can transform it from dining to books and ipad and tea in a heartbeat. The throw pillows on the couch become our "chairs."
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Best answer: The Benjamin Franklin chair ladder converts from one to the other. Lots online but this was the first site I found that pictured it in both configurations.
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Best answer: Are you familiar with Resource Furniture and Expand Furniture? I think multi-function furniture is kind of their thing. They are WAY out of my budget, but their stuff is interesting to look at.
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Best answer: I have this Bo Concept footstool/extra bed. They have quite a few nice multifunctional pieces.
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Best answer: Chair with fold out step stool, my grandma had an original one of these and I thought it was the bee's knees.
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Best answer: What about telephone bench?
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Best answer: There are a lot of iterations of coffee tables that lift into desks or dining tables.
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This bike rack holds two bikes and doesn't require drilling holes in anything.
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Best answer: I own a gateleg dropleaf table that's a lot like the IKEA Norden listed above except that, instead of drawers in the center, there's a cabinet that opens so you can store 4 folding chairs. I think I got it at Bed Bath and Beyond 15-20 years ago; it was my primary kitchen table in a couple of small apartments. Now we use it every Thanksgiving dinner, as well as taking the chairs to friends' parties and using the table as an instant craft/sewing workspace. I see pictures of similar and less similar items now.
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