Plant id please
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Please help me identify these plants

I bought them from a shop that specializes in tiny plants, so both plants might be smaller than usual. Unfortunately, the owner didn't know the name of the plants.

All I know is that the first one is a tropical plant that needs to be watered a lot and the second plant is some type of succulent.
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Fairly sure the first one is a type of croton, and I'm guessing that the second is some sort of haworthia. I'll see if I can confirm those and be more specific on the varieties.
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I believe the top one is mammey croton; bottom is likely haworthia astrolobo.
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Yep, I agree the first is most likely mammy croton. I do need to correct myself on the second one; pretty sure now it's a stacking crassula, perhaps pyramidalis cv. Buddhas Temple.
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Do you have an Android phone?
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Definitely Buddha's Temple for the last one. Good luck keeping it alive. I've killed about 5 of them (usually in late winter - Stacked Crassula are my nemeses ). If you do manage to keep it alive it will eventually fall over from height even while healthy so you might want to get a stick into the pot now in anticipation (do it while the plant is dry and don't water for a few days after in case the stick punctures a root - you want it to heal before any watering so it isn't an entry point for an infectious rot).
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Thanks, everyone! I’ll do my best to keep them alive.

dobbs, I tried the app before posting this question but the results weren’t correct, especially for the second plant - definitely not an ostrich fern
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