Name that (BBC 4?) science programme
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Does anyone know the name of a science programme I saw recently? It had a bit about neodymium magnets and showed super cooled helium flowing through solid matter.

I think it was on BBC 4 but I can't find it on iPlayer.

• The presenter wasn't Jim Al-Khalili but did look a little bit like him in disguise.
• The presenter demonstrated the strength of a neodymium magnet by attaching one to the ceiling and suspending a swing from it, which he then sat on.
• He talked about the limited supply of helium.
• He visited a lab where helium was cooled until it became a super-fluid.
• There was a bit about phosphorous.

Does anyone know what I'm on about?
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A little light googling of neodymium magnet helium phosphorus bbc brings up Secrets of the Super Elements, last shown on BBC4 at 11pm last Wednesday, would that be it? Sorry, I’ve not watched it through to see if the content actually matches your description.
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Yes, that's it! I Googled something similar but nothing came up. Thanks.
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