Christopher Street Liberation Parade, 1973
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In 1973, I finished the Gay Pride Parade at Washington Square Park, dead center of the front banner for the parade. Please, anyone know where there are photos? I was 16 at the time! I've searched, without success.
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There's a single pic on this NYT article but it looks like it's during the march rather than the end. I can't quite make it out (guy with a trombone I think, and some others in the background) . To see the digitized version blown up needs a paid account.
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Have you checked the NYPL's collections? Example, example, example.
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I found this image on this page, credited to Leonard Fink, which seems like it's tantalizingly close to what you're looking for. Perhaps contacting the center behind that instagram account would turn up more? (I found reference to them holding a collection of his photographs. )
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There’s also video on YouTube.
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Response by poster: namewithoutwords: I REMEMBER the guy in the body suit, he kept trying to go ahead of the front banner, annoying the marshals.

One of the Getty images of the front banner at least shows the guy I stood next to. First time I met an out gay person near my own age (I been hanging with gay adults since I was 14).
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