Music program to input and playback notes in specific timing?
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I need a program that will allow me to input notes and play them in a timing I define.

Only requirement is no time limit and it being relatively easy to use. I vaguely remember a guitar program that did this, but the specific instument isn't very important.
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Isn't that just about any sequencer?
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Yeah, pompomtom is right... any MIDI sequencer should do the trick. Some good ones are Sibelius, Finale, or if you want to go the inexpensive route, Noteworthy Composer is really good too.
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Finale Notepad is the free version of Finale. I haven't used it in ages, but it does what you want.
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I vaguely remember a guitar program that did this

Guitar Pro, maybe?
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Finale Notepad is pretty good. For a more full featured (yet simpler) product, check out Noteworthy Composer. For Google purposes, you are looking for either a "Music Notation Program", or (less specific), a "MIDI Sequencer".
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I agree; sounds like you're describing a sequencer or tracker. If you want the notes to be played using samples (sound files) rather than MIDI notes, a tracker might be a better bet. Wikipedia has a good list, you should be able to find something suitable there.
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