Sci-Fi Channel series identification?
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One of the original Sci-Fi Channel shows. Help me remember the name of it.

It was on the air right at the very launch of the Sci-Fi Channel (1992 or 1993). It was a half-hour show focused on a variety of crackpot theories, pseudoscience, etc. Almost impossibly bad production values; the set consisted of a bespectacled guy seated at a desk in front of the camera, with -- if I recall correctly -- small plastic dinosaurs in front of him on the desk. The title was "Secrets of the Universe" or something like it (and no, it wasn't Philo from UHF). I know I didn't dream it. What's the name of this show, and is it on VHS/DVD anywhere?
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"mysteries from beyond the other domain"? can't find a link at the moment.
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Best answer: Mysteries from beyond the outer dominions with your charming host, Dr. Franklin Ruehl.
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Actually, according to google, it is "Mysteries From Beyond The Other Dominion". My bad.
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Best answer: er, that's "mysteries from beyond the other dominion".
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heh, too slow. anyway if you google the title you'll find a decent amount of stuff. don't see it for sale, though.
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Response by poster: Thanks, both of you!
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