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Looking for an HONEST home contractor in San Bernardino.

The only recommendations I've been getting from friends are bad news. We want someone to handle our home improvements without our having to be afraid of being robbed! ...or maybe ending up in worse shape than we are!

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Why are they bad news? Do you mean robbed literally or robbed as far as overcharging? What exactly are you looking to have done--full remodel or just new kitchen/bath kind of stuff?
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Response by poster: Hi - We need to put on a whole new roof, extend/rebuild carport, add driveway and patio. Probably air/furnace.
Then, we would proceed to the inside stuff. Some people have had contractors in the area take the payment and never complete the job. The subcontractors still want money. I've looked at ads and read BBB. But a recommendation would sure be appreciated!

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Try Craigslist?
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make sure they are licensed and insured.

don't take the cheapest estimate, as good a bargain as it may seem.

you might want to put in the contract something about a performance guarantee with a penalty or some other form of ensuring once he gets the 2nd 3rd of the money he doesn't find "a small job across town for a few days"...
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Although this is a Canadian show has a number of good general tips on what to look for when getting a contractor.
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Have you considered Angie's List? The service costs a little to join, but for that you get access to unbiased information from other consumers.

There is a free tour if you want a better sense of the service, and local phone number to call if you want to find out the coverage for your part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area.
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