Help me find my perfect hanger
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I have really specific desires for hangers and I cannot find exactly what I'm looking for, despite searching 10 pages deep on target, walmart, amazon, bed bath and beyond, the container store, etc. Can you help me find my dream hangers?

As part of organizing my closet, I'm throwing out mismatched hangers and narrowing it down to 2 types. I have a bunch black slim velvet hangers, which work great for any clothes I don't want to slide around. However, I also like to have smooth/non-stick hangers for t-shirts and other things I just want to pull off the hanger. About 10 years ago, I somehow acquired (probably purchased by my mom?) black, sturdy, smooth wire hangers which are PERFECT, and I need about 20 more, but I can't find the same kind anywhere now! My requirements are:

- black
- metal/wire (not plastic, wood, velvet-flocked, etc)
- non-stick (no rubber or velvet grippy bits)
- smooth/basic shape (no notches or hooks)
- sturdy/thick (not like the kind you get from the dry cleaner - the ones I already own have lasted a decade with only minimal warping on a few of them from really heavy clothes)
- not outrageously expensive, though I'll pay a little more since I'm so particular

I found these Briggs & Riley hangers which actually look perfect, but at $3.33 per hanger they seem wildly overpriced.

These ones on Amazon are the closest I've found for a reasonable price, but I really am hoping there's one out there without that indent at the shoulders.
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How about these?

Alternatively, would you consider wood, if you could find them without the notch?
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If you can compromise on the black part, how about these ones (4/$9), these ones (50 for $60), or these ones (25 for $44).
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Another chrome option
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Black metal hangers: Since you're considering the coated Kabudar hangers in your second link, have a look at these Voilamart Bump Free ones. Home Depot. Only Hangers. Amazon, Target (cheaper notched variety). Hangerworld ships internationally. (Also had page of wire hangers from "Norton Supply" up, but site keeps crashing.
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